It was a crazy summer day.Fardin was passing through a stree. It’s a holiday.Mostly these days are super exiting luxury  for him.Because all through the week he goes with a lot of work pressure and strict routine. So one holiday in a week is so important. But today is bit different. He is missing something from inside.But what is it?Suddenly he put his eyes on the phone screen and he finds it was 1st of April.But what so important abot this day.Eventually his alert mind gives answer from inside.His nostalgic brain took him to many years back when he was in the high school.It was also a hot summer day & that day truly changed Fardins way of thinking about himself.Durning the tiffin period  mostly he used to go with his friends in library balcony and had chats.The library was closed for years.But that day all of his good freinds were missing.Suddelne he decided to go to another class.On that class most of the boys were gathering in the teachers tabel & trying to take something.His curious mind took hom to the gathering and he tried to see what’s going on.Suddenly crazy thing happens.Someone from infront of him tuches his dick.He became aware and noticed that it was Azad. He didn’t mind so and was letting him continue. Then the gathering goes away. Azad holds his hands and start walking.Not saying anything Fardin was following  him.Azads hands were very soft,thousand time softer than a normal 13 years old teenager.They reached in the wasroom which mostly remains  empty.Britishers made it 100 years ago,mostly people avoids it.They entered in the washroom and Fardin was truly pretending to be shy. Azad holds his hand and brings his lips with Fardins …… suddenly Fardin gets hit in his head with lamp post and he realises that he is in the road and it is almost afternoon…..                                                   

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